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Visitor Pass Management System

This System can be utilized by any kind of business or commercial organization. They have the ability to register guests, pre-register visitors, log visitor check-in and check-out, employee check-in and check-out, and many more activities related to visitors and employees.

Self check-in and check-out

Fast and easy to use, your visitors can check themselves in directly on the front-site


Pre-register your visitors from the Dashboard to be able to authorize them ahead of time

System Features

The management of visitors is one of the most essential components of effective security management. It helps to capture the information about the visitors in a methodical manner and keeps a repository of the information that has been captured. The process of enabling visitors to enter the premises based on an appointment, the creation of identity cards, and managing the deployment of Security employees for effective control over the security is referred to as Visitor Management.

Data Protection

Your data is safe with us. It is backed up daily across multiple servers, so you can have access to it even if there is a hardware issue. It is also yours to keep. You can, at any time, retrieve all your data.


Collect data and spot trends, produce reports and use surveys to gather feedback from your visitors. All this information can be used to help you improve the visitor experience.

Visitor recognition

Your regular, returning visitors will be remembered so they don’t have to do a full check-in each time they visit.

Unlimited visitors & hosts

You can register unlimited visitors & hosts using this application. We understand that some periods might be busier than others & easily host manage the system

Email & SMS notification

Include site logo, meeting details, host details, custom text, a PDF attachment, etc

Agreement signing

At check-in, visitors can agree on terms and conditions which can be given by the administration from settings

ID Card Printing

Choose from 2 id card templates and print them straight from the frontdesk using a printer. Authenticating visitors will be that much faster & easier.

Visitor picture

Visitors take their picture right on the tablet. It can be printed on their badge or sent in the check-in notification to the host.


Alert key people when a visitor checks in or forgets to check out, or just about a specific visit. Make visitors aware of safety and confidentiality rules, keeping your facilities and data safe.